• You can view your balance of in-game currency using /balance (shortcut: /bal)

Send Money (Cheques)

Use cheques to send money to another player, using /cheque <amount>

Earning Money

They are multiple ways to earn money on CTBMC. View possible ways to earn money using /earn


You earn $60 per hour of playtime, payed every 15 minutes. You can earn up to $120 per day

Killing Mobs

You can earn money by killing mobs:

  • $5 per mob
    • $2 for passive mobs (pigs, cows, etc) or mobs from spawners
    • $0 for villagers or pets
  • Up to $200 per day
  • A maximum of 10 mobs are counted per day. For example, killing 10 zombies will give you $50, but killing an 11th will not give you additional money

Mob Kill Demo


You earn $10 for each advancement you complete!

Advancement Demo