Locks can be of 3 types:

  • Public: Anyone can use this lock (but no one else can lock it)
  • Private: Only you (or players you give access to) can use this lock
  • Password: Anyone with the password can use this lock. Stays unlocked until logging out

Locks can be for chests, doors, fence gates, furnaces, and much more

They are only allowed inside towns and each lock costs $20 (in-game currency)

You can view basic locking help with /locks

See more information about locks

Private Lock

To create a private lock, enter /cprivate, then left-click on the block to lock

You can trust other players by creating the lock using /cprivate [player1] [player2] ..., or by using /cmodify [player1] [player2] ... if the lock already exists.

To remove someone from a lock, using /cmodify -[player] (the - is important!)

To add someone as a lock admin (can cmodify but cannot cremove), use /cmodify @[player] (the @ is important)

Password Lock

To create a password lock, enter /cpassword <password>, then left-click on the block to lock

To unlock a password lock, try accessing the lock then use /cunblock <password>. Passwords are saved until you log out

Remove Lock

You can use /cremove and left-click on a lock to remove all its protections

Donation Chest

A donation chest is a chest anyone can place items in, but only you can retrieve

You can create them using /cdonation and left-clicking a chest


To view information about a lock, enter /cinfo, then left-click on the block



When persist mode in on, you can use a single-use command (like /cprivate or /cinfo) multiple times in a row, allowing you to very quickly protect a room of chests, doors or any other block

You can toggle persist mode with /cpersist