CTBMC supports shops using chest. To get started, simply use the /shop command

Shop Demo

Buying/Selling from Shops

Shops can offer one type of item in any quantity, with a buy and/or sell price.

  • To buy from a shop, simply right-click the chest
  • To sell from a shop, simply left-click the shop

Creating a Shop

Each shop costs $25 (in-game currency) to create

You can create a shop by using /shop create <amount> <buy price> <sale price>

  • The amount is the amount per each price. For example, 5 sticks at $5 means each buy/sell will cost $5 for all 5 sticks
  • You can set the buy or sell price to 0 to disable buying or selling

Once ran, simply select the item you want to sell/buy from your creative inventory and drop it (drag it outside your inventory)

Once the item is selected, simply right-click the chest you wish to become the shop

Removing a Shop

Use /shop remove and right-click the shop to remove it. You will be refunded the amount you payed for the shop

Preventing to go backrupt

Since anyone can sell to your shop until the chest is filled, you can set a limit for selling to prevent going backrupt.

You can simply fill all slots with another item than the one being sold, making the chest "full" for that item once all slots have been filled:

Shop Filled Demo

Viewing Shop Info

To view information about a shop, enter /shop info and right-click a shop. You will be able to see the vendor, the item, the prices, and more

You can also use /shop open to view inside the shop