CTBMC uses a system call Towny for creating and managing towns/claims

View the sidebar for all the tutorials for settings up towns, plots, and nations!

For more information about Towny, see this page

Getting Started

The Minecraft world is decided in 16x256x16 (16 wide, from bedrock to max height) chunks. You can toggle viewing these chunks by pressing F3+G

You can create or join a town, and claim these chunks, which become plots. Plots can be sold to other residents of your town, which can pay taxes to the town

New towns cost $250 to create, with each plot cost $25 to claim. Outposts (plots not connected to your town) cost $100 to claim

When you create a town, you become the mayor of that town. Other players are called residents, but you can assign roles (like sheriff or assistant) to residents

Here are some shortcut and common commands:

  • /town: View information about your town (shortcut: /t)
    • /town spawn: Go to town spawn
  • /town new <name>: Create a new town (current chunk will be the home block)
    • /town set name <name>: Rename a town
    • /town set tag <tag>: Set the town tag (short name)
    • /town set spawn: Set the town spawn
    • /town set board <message>: Set the town board message (seen in /town)
  • /town add <player>: Invite a player to your down (only for mayor/assistants)
    • /town join [town]: Join a town (or use /accept or /deny)
    • /town remove <player>: Remove a player from your town
  • /town deposit <amount>: Deposit money in the town bank
    • /town withdraw <amount>: Withdraw money from the town bank (only for mayor)
  • /town claim: Claim a chunk (costs $25 of in-game currency, only for mayor/assistants)
    • /town unclaim: Unclaim a chunk (only for mayor/assistants)
    • /town set plotprice <price>: Set the default plot price (only for mayor/assistants)
    • /plot forsale [price]: Put the plot you are standing in up for sale, so residents can claim it (only for mayor/assistant), optionally with a price (uses town plot price by default)
  • /plot claim: Claim a plot (may have a price)
    • /plot unclaim: Unclaim a plot
  • /town set taxes <amount>: Set taxes per resident per day (only for mayor)
    • /town set plottax <amount>: Set taxes per plot per day (only for mayor)
  • Channels (you only hear messages from the channel you are in)
    • /g: Global chat
    • /tc: Town chat
    • /lc: Local chat (can be heard within 100 blocks)
    • /nc: Nation chat