When a player is in jail, they:

  • Cannot teleport
  • Cannot use ender pearls
  • Go back to jail if they die

Leaving Jail

If you are in jail, they are a couple of ways to leave:

  • Leave the town using /town leave
  • Ask the mayor/assistants/sheriffs to free you
  • Pay the bail amount using /resident jail paybail
  • Escape the jail and get into the wilderness

Setup A Town Jail

Only the mayor or assistants can create a town jail. First, set the plot as a jail: /plot set jail. Then, stand where you want your jail to be, and use /town set jail to set the jail spawn. This will give you the number of the jail

Send To Jail

A player can be sent to jail by a mayor/assistant/sheriff of a town, using the /town toggle jail <jail number> <player> [days] (days is optional)

If an enemy/outlaw of the town attacks the town and dies inside the town borders, they will automatically be placed in jail


To unjail a player, use the same command as when jailing: /town toggle jail <jail number> <player>