Creation/Management (Mayors)

A town is a collection of residents and plots, with one resident being the mayor of that town

Each town also has a bank (which any resident can deposit into, but only the mayor can withdraw) which is used for town upkeeping and claiming new plots. Town taxes are collected each real day and placed inside the town bank

Create Town

You can create a town using /town new <name>. When you create a town, you become the mayor of that town, which allows you to modify and manage it

Towns can also have assistants which are like the mayor, but cannot withdraw from the bank, or disband the town

When creating a town, the chunk you stand in will be claimed and will become the home block, and the location they are in will become the town spawn


Each town costs $100 per day to upkeep. Make sure you have enough money in your town bank at all times (use taxes to automatically collect money from residents, see below)

Towns have a collective bank, which any resident can deposit using /town deposit <amount>. This goes into into upkeep and claiming new plots

Mayors can also withdraw from the town bank using /town withdraw <amount>


Mayors can add/remove ranks to their residents using the /town rank <add/remove> <player> <rank>

Available ranks are:

  • Assistants: Same as a mayor but can't withdraw or disband a town
  • Sheriff: Can send players to a town jail

Plot Claims

To claim a chunk to become a plot, stand inside the desired chunk and use /town claim. This plot will not be for sale automatically (plots for sale can be bought be residents)

To put a plot up for sale, use /plot forsale [price] (price is optional). If a price is not set, it will use the default plot price for the town, which can be set by /town set plotprice <price>

Each plot has a type, which the default being residential. You can change the plot type by using /plot set <type>

Shop Plots

A plot can be set as a shop plot using /plot set shop

The mayor can set the price for shop plots using /town set shopprice <price> (the for sale price will override this, if set)

The mayor can add an additional shop tax (on top of plot tax) using /town set shoptax <price>

Arena Plots

A plot can be set as an arena plot using /plot set arena

Arena plots always have PVP and friendly-fire enabled, and town health regeneration is disabled

Embassy Plots

A plot can be set as a shop plot using /plot set embassy

The mayor can set the price for embassy plots using /town set embassyprice <price> (the for sale price will override this, if set)

The mayor can add an additional embassy tax (on top of plot tax) using /town set embassytax <price>

An embassy plot can be bough by any player (even non-residents), but the plot is still owned by the town

Embassy plots can also be set as shop plots, allowing multiple towns to setup shops inside a larger shop town

Wild Plots

A plot can be set as a wild plot using /plot set wild

Wild plots allow residents to destroy blocks such as ores, trees, flowers, and other harvestable blocks, but doesn't allow stone, dirt, grass, or other terrain blocks

Wild plots are useful to protecting terrain around a town (or creating a tree farm), while allowing residents to still explore and cave mine

To setup wild plots, use the follow commands:

  • /plot set perm resident build on
  • /plot set perm resident destroy on

Inn Plots

A plot can be set as a inn plot using /plot set inn

Inn plots allow residents to set their /resident spawn and spawn on death

Jail Plots

A plot can be set as a jail plot using /plot set jail

See the jail page for more information on town jails

Farm Plots

A plot can be set as a farm plot using /plot set farm

Farm plots allow residents to break/place blocks such as grass, flowers, pumpkins, melons, beetroots, carrots, potatoes, and wheat. In additional, residents can kill animals inside of farm plots

Bank Plots

A plot can be set as a bank plot using /plot set bank

Bank plots are not particularly useful on CTBMC, as banking is not limited to bank plots


Town claims are required to be connected to other town claims, but outposts can be created anywhere. Outposts can be claimed using /town claim outpost (which cost $100 of in-game currency)

You can view all outposts using /town outpost list

Each outpost also has a spawn, which is set when claiming it, or using /town outpost set. You can visit an outpost using /town outpost <name/#>

Clearing Plots

A plot can be cleared using the /plot clear command by the mayor/assistants. It is meant to be used when a resident moves or leaves the town


The mayor of a town can set taxes to be collect each real day per resident or per plot

To set the per resident tax, use /town set taxes <price>

To set the per plot tax, use /town set plottax <price>. You can also set additional taxes for some plot types (see above)

Plot Groups

You can group multiple plots together by using /plot group add <group name> for each plot you wish to bundle

You can now toggle flags or set for sale as a group, using /plot group toggle <flag> or /plot group forsale [price]